It seems like no matter the website you click onto; there is a place where you can leave reviews. It’s possible that you’ve wanted to participate, but haven’t known how you could do so. Fortunately, we are going to provide you with a road map that demonstrates how to leave a review. We are going to focus on the most popular sites: Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews. After our guide, you will master the art of leaving the ultimate review.

Below we will show you how easy it is to provide your opinion. Let’s get started.


To start on your quest to leave reviews, you must visit the Yelp website – you will access this by entering into your browser of choice. When you reach the homepage, you will see a button in the top right-hand corner that asks you to “Sign Up.” Please press on this tab and create your Yelp account.

After you have clicked “Sign Up,” you will be redirected to another page. You will see an area that asks you to input your name, email address, and password. Provide Yelp with this information, and then press on the “Sign Up” button.

Once you finish up with this step, you will be sent an email asking you to confirm. When doing this, ensure you made no errors during the input phase. Pending confirmation, you will be given access to the review section. In the top portion of the screen, you will notice a tab that asks to “Write Review.” Select this, and it will send you over to another page. Once you have made it this far, you can search for the business you need to review.

Once you make it to the point of a review, choose the company and start writing! Additionally, make sure to include the number of stars that describes your experience.

Congratulations on your Yelp review – let’s keep going.


Another popular page that has a high amount of traffic is Facebook. The site has become a reliable tool for companies to interact and respond to feedback. These interactions have influenced business owners to find ways to be better. In short, your opinion matters! To leave a review, you must join Facebook. Let’s start by entering into your browser and create an account. Once you are on the landing page, you will see a giant “Sign Up” screen where you will enter your information.

Once you give Facebook your information, you will be provided a code via email. When you receive this, copy and paste your unique code and continue. When your account is activated, it will bring you to your new home screen. Feel free to customize your page as you please, but once you are finished, go to the top part of the window and enter the business you want to review.

Click on The Palm Beach Institute. When you are directed to their page, click reviews under “home” on the left-hand side.

Click yes, and another window will open where you will write the review.

Once the review is finished click post. You have now mastered how to leave a Facebook review.

Google Reviews

Google reviews are simple yet highly productive. To initiate this process, you must open a new browser and go to Once the page is visible, type in the business you want to review. After you complete this step, you will be met with a long list of links with your company of choice appearing on the right side of the screen.

Onto the review – if you do not possess a Google account, it will ask you to create one when you press the “Write Review” tab under the company. You will then select “Create Account.” Once you click this, you will select “For Myself.” Moving forward, you will input the required information and create a username. Please click next.  After the email is confirmed, you will be redirected to the first screen. Please select “Write Review,” and this screen will appear.

Before writing the review, please select the number of stars that closely resembles your experience, and then spill out the contents of your brain! Once you are done, click post.

You have now become a master of leaving reviews. Make sure that as you practice your craft that you remain honest and constructive. Keep it specific and do not use curse words. Make sure that you touch on subjects such as customer service and how you think the business can improve.

Please, leave out links and personal information like names. If the business resolves an issue you may have experienced, make sure to update the review. Good luck!

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