Our Alumni Program

Recovery doesn’t end when your rehabilitation treatment program does. Even after you graduate, your addiction will still require a lifetime of management. This can be especially difficult in the beginning, when it’s time to leave what may have come to feel like a place of safety and return to regular life.

At The Palm Beach Institute, we understand this and work to help provide our newly graduated clients with the support and advocacy they need through our alumni program. The alumni program offers a broad network of resources and a community to tap into to help strengthen the commitment to live sober and substance-free

The Alumni Program At The Palm Beach Institute Does More Than Just Keep Alumni Connected So That They Can Continue To Provide Each Other With Encouragement And Camaraderie, It Also Helps Our Clients Reintegrate Back Into Everyday Life By Helping Them:

  • Find housing and other transition services
  • Locate employment opportunities
  • Complete job applications

Making the switch back to normal life can be difficult enough without having to worry about these things, which is why we’re here to help, so you can focus on your aftercare and put your relapse prevention planning into motion.

Alumni Involvement Is Crucial To The Recovery Process

Joining an alumni program can make all the difference when it comes to making progress in your recovery and navigating potential relapse situations.

Our program makes it easier for you to maintain the connections you created with your peers during your time in addiction treatment, but it also puts you in contact with alumni who have completed treatment and had more time since their graduation to have already established significant recovery.

After their treatment, we have these alumni reach out to our more recent graduates so they can provide guidance and advice to help newcomers make their transition as smooth as possible and serve as inspiration that they, too, can work to maintain long-term sobriety after treatment.

Clients are urged to become active alumni as they continue on their respective journeys of recovery, happiness, and hope. The alumni program at The Palm Beach Institute is designed to keep these individuals connected to one another through not only meetings, but also fun events, group activities, and through the convenience of social media.

An alumni recovery program meeting

How The Alumni Program Keeps Clients Connected

The Alumni Program At The Palm Beach Institute Keeps Both Past And Newly Graduated Clients Connected Through A Variety Of Means, Both In Person And Online:

  • Weekly alumni meetings that are held in our meeting room at 314 10th Street, West Palm Beach, with food served in our dining room after the meeting. All alumni are welcome and encouraged to attend, share their stories, and celebrate each other’s achievements.
  • Monthly newsletters and emails to members to keep them informed of current news and upcoming events, such as workshops, webinars, and fun activities like family barbeques.

And to keep in touch even all across the country, you can contact us through our FacebookTwitter, and Google+ pages.

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