Opioid Treatment in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a South Florida city that can sparkle like the jewels its residents wear when going out. Its soft sand beaches, tony boutique shops, superlative eateries, and flashy activities make it one of the most desirable places to live in Palm Beach County, Florida. In fact, it has been reported that a little more than 14,000 people moved to the county and its cities from September 2020 to March 2021, the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

There is much to see, do, and enjoy in Boca Raton. Home sales soared during the pandemic as many Northerners relocated to save on taxes, as Florida has no state income taxes. They also moved their home base south to take advantage of the superb schools and abundance of outdoor activities Boca Raton has to offer.

However, the area has been affected by opioid overdoses and deaths related to opioids, as many other cities in the state have been. Despite some drug abuse statistics showing a decline in use, fentanyl-related drug issues remain an issue the city faces every day. The Palm Beach Post reported in early 2020 that fentanyl was the cause of 33 drug overdoses and contributed to 11 overdose deaths in the county. In 2018, the county recorded 278 fentanyl-related deaths, which was more than any other part of the state.

For years, South Florida was known as the “pill mill capital” of the country. Nefarious “pain clinics” passed out hundreds of thousands of opioids to anyone with a “prescription” and a handful of cash, thus fueling a massive opioid drug abuse problem. 

State leaders saw the problem and passed what is called the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program law and the Pill Mill Law on Opioid Prescribing and Utilization. The laws may have prevented some physicians from prescribing opioid painkillers to people who used opioids for recreational purposes rather than for medicinal purposes. This, in turn, leads drug users to find alternatives, like heroin and fentanyl, which is 50 to 100 times more potent than a prescription opioid analgesic.

Opioid use disorder, more commonly called opioid addiction, plagues many American cities, including Boca Raton. Opioid treatment can be the savior for those who are addicted to painkillers, heroin, or fentanyl. Fortunately, there is help near Boca, where you are treated with dignity as you struggle to become free from opioid abuse.

How Opioid Addiction Affects Boca Raton

Opioids of all types have wreaked havoc in Palm Beach County and Boca Raton for many years. While it may look like overdoses and deaths related to opioid painkillers have decreased, the data from heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil has increased. A 2017 state Medical Examiners report notes:

  • 181 deaths caused by fentanyl analogs (a fentanyl analog is a drug designed to copy the effects of the original drug, such as carfentanil, a drug that can knock out an elephant)
  • 148 of the fentanyl analog deaths were caused when taking the drug with other substances, and people from ages 26 to 34 perished the most, with a reported 65 deaths.
  • 116 deaths from heroin, of which 115 were caused when it was used with other drugs
  • 114 deaths caused by fentanyl and mostly when used in combination with other drugs, which could be when the drug is cut in with heroin or other opioids

Other opioid-related death data from the state Medical Examiners include:

  • 50 deaths from oxycodone, mostly of those between the ages of 35 to 50
  • 30 deaths from hydrocodone, most of those over the age of 50
  • 132 deaths from morphine, most of those occurred when morphine was used with other drugs, and mostly those of age 50 perished.

Also, as indicated by LiveStories, Palm Beach County reported 330 deaths from opioids in 2018.

It may seem like you have your opioid use under control, but it can lead you down the path to addiction before you even realize it. You may think there is nothing wrong with changing doctors to obtain opioids, but “doctor shopping” is one of the hallmark signs of opioid use disorder. Eventually, you will need the calm and steady support of opioid addiction treatment help when you decide to stop, and your body begins the detox process.

Boca Raton Opioid Treatment

Opioid treatment can be the life savior you need to finally end your use of the drugs. You may think that what you’ve heard or read about opioid withdrawal is a good reason to stay the course on drug use. However, what you may not know is that opioid treatment in Boca Raton involves dedicated, caring medical and addiction professionals who are by your side day and night to ease you through the worst of opioid withdrawal. If you try withdrawal at home, the withdrawal symptoms may be too much for you to bear, and you could start using drugs again and potentially at a fatal dose.

If you have been using opioids for a long time, you could expect withdrawal symptoms to be more intense than if you abused them for a shorter time. They may also last longer. A person going through opioid detox should be medically monitored to ensure the individual does not become dehydrated, does not have any heart-related issues, and administers any medication to ease the most ardent symptoms. In most situations, it takes about a week to get through withdrawal.

After detox is completed, you may need inpatient or outpatient opioid treatment. This will depend on the level of addiction you have and any history of addiction. Addiction treatment consists of behavioral therapies, individual, group, and family therapies, trauma therapies, and much more. The Palm Beach Institute personnel take time to get to know you so as to tailor treatment to your needs.

Emergency response for opioid abuse issues has decreased recently, but that does not mean it is not needed. Many individuals may find themselves being treated on the street or elsewhere with reversal drugs, such as naloxone, before being taken to hospital emergency rooms or being admitted to opioid treatment centers.

Addiction Treatment Saves Lives

You can take one courageous step toward ending opioid addiction today and contact The Palm Beach Institute. With 50 years of experience in substance use disorder treatment and care, we know how to help you find a new drug-free life, and you will never be alone on that journey.

The state reports that the overdoses involving fentanyl continued to increase, and an increase in cocaine use mixed with opioids was noted in 2018. Also of note, 24 Palm Beach County law enforcement agencies equip officers with naloxone and provide overdose prevention training. Isn’t it time to not become another opioid overdose statistic? 

Opioid addiction is treatable and not far from any South Florida location.  If you live in or near Boca Raton, Florida, and are ready to stop abusing opioids, you only need to reach out and ask for help. Opioid treatment can save your life.

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