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About Our Location

Tucked away on the sandy shores of West Palm Beach, The Palm Beach Institute has the distinction of being South Florida’s first private addiction treatment program. The Palm Beach Institute has been dedicated to helping thousands of adults and adolescents recover from drug and alcohol addiction for nearly fifty years. In addition to providing the highest standard of inpatient care, we also offer nutritional guidance, family-focused recovery programs, connections with transitional living, aftercare programs, and an alumni program.

Transitional living provides a safe and supportive environment for residents to implement the skills they learned in treatment while slowly transitioning back into their normal lives and routines. Our alumni program provides a network of support and advocacy for post-treatment scenarios such as finding housing or applying for jobs. As a member of the Delphi family of facilities, we are committed to being there for every step of the addiction recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Addiction Rehabilitation

How Effective Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Addiction rehabilitation can be effective when certain factors are met. Addiction treatment is a process that needs to be tailored to your individual needs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. At The Palm Beach Institute, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all addiction treatment plan.

Instead, treatment is personalized to your physical, psychological, and social needs. Drug and alcohol rehab are also more effective when they address more than just substance use issues. We are committed to addressing medical issues, social problems, legal troubles, and financial issues throughout treatment as needed.

Will Insurance Pay for Addiction Treatment?

Because addiction is a treatable chronic disease that affects the brain, insurance companies recognize it as a medical issue. Most insurance providers will offer some level of coverage for addiction treatment, but the scope of coverage will depend on your specific policy.

Some policies provide coverage for most of your treatment costs while others may cover only a portion of treatment. Drug and alcohol treatment centers like The Palm Beach Institute accept coverage from the vast majority of private insurance providers. To determine if your specific plan would cover your addiction treatment needs, you can speak to an intake specialist at The Palm Beach Institute, and they will help you through the insurance verification process.

What Types of Therapy are Included in Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Since your addiction treatment plans will depend on your specific needs, you may go through a variety of therapy options throughout treatment. For treatment to be effective, it’s important for treatment plans to be grounded in evidence-based therapy options, which have been scientifically studied and shown to be effective. Among evidence-based options, behavioral therapies are the most common.

Behavioral approaches are therapies that are specifically designed to facilitate psychological and behavioral changes. The most recommended therapy for addiction treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps to identify triggers, allows you to develop positive coping responses to drug cravings, and enables you to create relapse prevention strategies.

As a supplement to evidence-based therapy, you may also go through alternative therapies at some point during treatment like yoga, art therapy, or music therapy. Alternative approaches are ones that have not shown to be significantly effective in scientific studies but may be helpful to some people as a compliment to evidence-based options.

What Should I Bring to Treatment?

Depending on your level of care, many of your needs will be met during your stay in a treatment program. However, you will need to bring some items, and you may want others for your comfort. You will need to bring your own clothes, especially comfortable shoes and clothing. You may also want athletic clothing and a bathing suit for activities in later stages of treatment.

You won’t be allowed to keep your phone or anything that can connect to the internet during inpatient treatment, because you might be compelled to use it to contact someone to get you drugs or alcohol while you’re in the middle of powerful cravings. However, you can bring an mp3 player to have your own music while you go through treatment. For more specifics, you can speak to an intake specialist that will help make sure you are prepared for treatment when you arrive.

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