As the numbers continue to skyrocket each year pertaining to drug abuse nationwide, Florida is dealing with its fair share as well. As the opioid crisis continues causing permanent damage to communities, the overdose death rate has exploded in the past decade. Although local communities implemented strict measures, the statistics indicate that the trend is increasing.

Florida boasts thousands of miles of natural shoreline and significant cities along the coast. Unfortunately, it’s a popular destination for drug shipments arriving from all over the world. Areas like Royal Palm Beach are exposed to drugs as they enter the country through the Port of Palm Beach, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale. It causes problems with gangs, drug traffickers, and addiction.

Opioids remain the most significant threat to Royal Palm Beach and surrounding areas and contribute to thousands of overdose deaths nationwide. Although opioids command the most attention, we must not forget that other drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs also damage our city. We must continue addressing these problems caused by addiction and drug abuse and provide more options for drug rehab. Our website delves deeper into the topic of drug rehab in Royal Palm Beach.

Royal Palm Beach Drug Rehab Statistics

Florida doctors in 2017 were still writing well above the national average when it comes to opioid prescriptions. A recently released study showed that 60.9 opioid prescriptions per 100 persons were given in that time, which is more than half of the state’s population prescribed opioids.

One thing we must note, however, is that opioids are effective means of treating chronic pain and are relatively safe when you follow your doctor’s instructions. However, if you use the medication in excess, it becomes a dangerous drug that causes chemical dependency and addiction.

Royal Palm Beach on a road mapThe problem with opioids is the inevitability of developing a tolerance.

Once pills do not provide pain relief or the rush a user is accustomed to, it could mean turning to heroin or fentanyl.

Living in an area like Royal Palm Beach, finding these illicit drugs is not an issue, which is a huge problem.

Heroin was responsible for 1,023 deaths in 2016, while fentanyl caused another 1,644 deaths, as statistics show.

In 2012, depressant and stimulant drugs posted a severe threat in Palm Beach County – 38 percent of high school students admitted to using drugs in the past month, which was 4.1 percent higher than other areas in Florida.

Most Commonly Abused Substance(S) in Royal Palm Beach

Opioids are the primary concern nationwide; however, alcohol and other drugs were involved in several overdose deaths caused by opioids. Other drugs in the area include cocaine, meth, inhalants, and cannabis.

Florida’s Drug Rehab History and Rankings

Many facilities in Florida treat drug and alcohol addiction. Treatment programs can offer detox, on-site residential treatment, structured therapies, and aftercare services that allow people in recovery to become more independent as they progress in their program.

Quick Treatment Facts

Effectiveness in drug rehab is hard to come by, and you must coordinate your plan of action around your most pressing needs. Addiction has various causes that all must be addressed. Since we all respond to treatment differently, it must be tailored to your specific needs. From that point forward, you must go through weekly assessments to ensure you are responding to the treatment provided.

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