Behind its spring break parties and thousands of miles of shorelines, Florida has long been the target of drug traffickers moving illicit drugs into the state and throughout the country. Drug abuse nationwide has exploded, and many of those drugs throughout the country enters through ports near Delray Beach, Florida.

Although the United States continues to increase enforcement and strengthen laws, its drug supply has not slowed down much. Delray Beach is in Palm Beach County, which is a thriving area but also an entry point for drugs.

Opioid abuse continues to remain a public health concern due to the sheer volume of overdose deaths. Since Delray Beach lies in close proximity to the Port of Palm Beach and Miami, synthetic opioids coming from China are a concern. Cocaine, however, has also skyrocketed in recent years, causing concern.

It’s time that we all work together and discuss the problems stemming from drug abuse and addiction. These problems require drug rehab, and fortunately, Delray Beach is located near treatment centers throughout the area.

Delray Beach Drug Rehab Statistics

In 2017, data indicated that doctors in Florida still prescribed opioids above the national average. In that year alone, nearly 60.9 prescriptions per 100 persons were given to patients, which translates to more than half of the state’s population were supplied with the drug.

On one side, opioids are beneficial for those who have chronic pain but follow their doctor’s orders, while they can be dangerous to those who misuse the medication. When you abuse opioids, you will most likely develop a chemical dependence that leads to addiction.

The problem with opioids is that when they are no longer effective, a person commonly turns to heroin or synthetic opioids to relive that rush that pills once provided. A 2016 report showed heroin was responsible for 1,023 deaths, while fentanyl caused another 1,644 deaths.

Alcohol is also a cause for concern in Delray Beach. Statistics highlighted alcohol abuse in Palm Beach County that 38 percent of high school students experimented with the drug in the previous 30 days, which is 4.1 percent higher than other counties in the state.

Most Commonly Abused Substances in Delray Beach

The two most commonly abused substances in Delray Beach are opioids and alcohol. Alcohol was involved in a vast majority of drug overdoses where opioids or benzodiazepines were present. Other drugs available in the area are meth, cocaine, cannabis, and inhalants.

Quick Treatment Facts

The treatment process can be effective when clinicians develop a plan around your most pressing needs, the likelihood of success increases significantly. Addiction has consequences, and many of those dealing with the disease must address all facets of the condition to get healthy.

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