Although Florida boasts thousands of miles of pristine shorelines, it has always been a target of drug traffickers to exploit the ports up and down the state. We have seen an explosion of drug abuse throughout the United States, and no matter the measures put in place to stop it, there have been no signs that it will slow down. Areas like Palm Beach County that host the city of Boynton Beach are points of entry for drugs. Once drugs enter Palm Beach County, they move freely throughout Boynton Beach and beyond.

Even though usage of cocaine and meth have skyrocketed in recent years, opioid abuse remains the primary area of concern in Boynton Beach. Opioids are responsible for thousands of deaths statewide. Still, while opioids receive most of the attention from the media and beyond, we should always focus on prescription medication, methamphetamine, cocaine, and alcohol.

We must work together and address the issues that stem from drug abuse and addiction, which require drug rehab. Learn more about drug rehab in Boynton Beach and the surrounding area.

Boynton Beach Drug Rehab Statistics

Florida doctors wrote 60.9 prescriptions per 100 persons in 2017, which is somewhat concerning as more than half of the state could be supplied with opioid prescriptions. Although opioid drugs are safe when you follow doctors’ orders, there are still chances of dealing with adverse effects, albeit much lower than if abused. When these drugs are misused, however, you are likely to develop a chemical dependency that can lead to addiction.

When the usage of pills no longer provides the same euphoria it once did, many people will turn to heroin or fentanyl to reach these effects. With the influx of drugs flooding into the United States, illicit drugs are not hard to find. A report released in 2016 showed that heroin was reported in 1,023 deaths, and fentanyl was found in 1,644 deaths.

Other drugs, such as prescription stimulants and depressants, also pose a threat in Boynton Beach. Alcohol abuse is also prevalent in the area, and high-school students seem to be significantly affected. In 2012, 38 percent of high school students in Palm Beach County admitted to experimenting with alcohol in the past 30 days, which was 4.1 percent higher than other areas in Florida.

Most Commonly Abused Substances in Boynton Beach

Opioid abuse is widespread nationwide, but Boynton Beach is also experiencing its fair share of damage due to the substance. One drug that we must pay attention to is alcohol because of its legality. Alcohol was present in most overdoses that involved benzodiazepines and opioids. Other common drugs in the area include inhalants, cannabis, cocaine, and meth.

Quick Treatment Facts

The process of treatment is far from perfect because it must be coordinated around your most pressing needs. Addiction starts with causes and consequences that must be addressed to get you healthy. Everyone will react differently to treatment, but you need a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. It must be reassessed continually to ensure you are responding.

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