50 Tips For Getting and Staying Sober

It doesn’t matter how long you have clean and sober; there are times that you wish that sobriety came with an instruction manual. Yes, the twelve steps and traditions–along with the life and coping skills you learned in treatment–can be considered as a how-to guide of sorts. However, there are those moments where life tosses you the proverbial curveball and you feel upside down in a right side up kind of world. The stress, pressures, and temptations that can lead to relapse look to create the perfect storm and everything that you learned in recovery seemingly gets tossed aside.

Those moments can indeed be overwhelming, even terrifying. No matter what the situation, you need to have many tools available in your recovery toolkit to help you can through those trying times. The following are 50 simple tips or sayings that can help you keep focused on sobriety and will help you stay the course–no matter when life throws at you.


1. Stop Making Excuses–it is easy to make excuses when things don’t go right. Before you point the finger at someone…look at yourself and how you are handling the situation.

2. Stop blaming others–it is easy to make excuses when things don’t go right. Before you point the finger at someone…look at yourself and how you are handling the situation.

3. Volunteer–Get out of yourself and be selfless and be of service to others.

4. Don’t Rest On Your Laurels–the enemy of recovery is complacency and overconfidence. Relapse occurs when you get cocky in your recovery and think you are cured or you have “got this beat.”

5. Discover Your Passion–what makes you jump up with excitement and fills your soul?

6. What Are You Good At?–recovery is the time to find new hobbies and engage in those activities that you excel.

7. Take Pride In Yourself–sleep well, eat right, engage in exercise and practice meditation. Your whole body is your temple…treat it right and it will treat you right.

8. Know the Serenity Prayer–Memorize the Serenity Prayer…know what you can change, know what you cannot change and know the difference between the two,

9. Practice Humility–Be humble and real in every moment of every day.

10. Seek Treatment–if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it–go to treatment, go to a meeting….go get well.

11. One Day At A Time–Recovery is a journey…keep your focus in the present.

12. Don’t Overestimate The Power of Your Addiction–addiction is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease that can be both subtle and forceful in its attempts to wrest control of your life from you.

13. Exercise Daily–no matter if you pump iron, shoot hoops, perform yoga or just go for a leisurely walk around the neighborhood. Exercise makes you feel good–naturally.

14. Develop Healthy Relationships–Work on developing relationships based on trust, love, and support.

15. Hang With The Winners–develop friendships with those who are doing what you desire to do.

16. Make Amends–work on repairing relationships and friendships strained during your addiction.

17. Reach Out–when you needed help others offered you a hand…do the same for someone else….today.

18. Help the Newbie in Recovery–if you meet someone who is new to recovery, reach out…be their friend and their mentor.

19. Action Speaks Louder Than Words–yes…be excited that you are sober. Do something to further your sobriety.

20. Be Responsible–you need to hold yourself accountable for your actions and behaviors, including a relapse.

21. Do What Works for You–If your program of recovery is working for you, keep on working it.

22. Don’t Lie to Yourself–Be honest. If you are not doing what you should be doing–call yourself on it and don’t lie or rationalize.

23. Forgive Others–forgiving others is needed in order for you to heal and move on.

24. Forgive Yourself–forgiving yourself is needed in order for you to heal and move on.

25. Learn To Heal–what’s past is in the past. Move forward and learn ways to heal those wounds.

26. Learn About Addiction And Recovery–knowledge is power. Know your enemy. Read. Understand. Empower yourself

27. Stay Busy–an idle mind is the devil’s plaything. Keep active and distracted.

28. Express Yourself–find an artistic hobby such as art or music.

29. Get Support–build a team around you that you can lean and depend on, whether it is family, friends or those in a sober support group.

30. Learn To Live Without Drugs and Alcohol–learn to create a daily schedule which features drug-free activities.

31. Learn to Have Fun Without Drugs–Believe me…it can be done, and it is way more fun.

32. Go For A Walk…A Long Walk–pick a direction and keep going, but don’t get lost.

33. Experience Nature–take time to notice the birds, the bees, and animals and the trees and see how they complement each other to create harmony.

34. Talk To Your Family–your parents and siblings know you best.

35. Do Something New–take on a new hobby or venture that will force you to meet new people.

36. Rediscover Old Hobbies–was there a hobby or pastime you used to love, but forgot about it when you were addicted? Revisit them.

37. Gratitude–Count your blessings and be grateful in every moment.

38. Go Back To School–looking to push in new directions? Go back to school and learn a new vocation.

39. Sharpen Your Skills–add to your skill set for more opportunities in employment and other fields.

40. Pick Up A Book–…or a magazine, pamphlet…..just read and expand your mind.

41. Make A List–What do you want to achieve it life? Write….it….down.

42. Stay Away From Toxic People–avoid those people who you used to use with during your addiction.

43. Stay Away From Your Old Neighborhoods–avoid those places where you used to use with during your addiction.

44. Spend More Time With Your Family–strengthen your relationship with your family…they are your rock.

45. See The World–Go visit places that you haven’t been to before. Expand your viewpoint.

46. Challenge Yourself–Do and try things that are out of your comfort zone.

47. Quit smoking–this is self-explanatory.

48. Challenge Yourself–try to learn and do something new every day.

49. Know Your Inner Self–embrace your religious and spiritual roots.

50. Create The Life You Want–what is it that you want from life? Make a plan, get off the couch and go for it!


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