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Overdose Profile: Zoloft & Methadone

Learn about Zoloft and methadone and what kind of symptoms to look out for to prevent death from overdose. A lethal combination when used together, these drugs require active education to prevent addiction and accidental overdose. Zoloft: the Most Widely-Used Antidepressant When a person exhibits symptoms of severe depression, primary care or another provider may […]

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Overdose Profile: Cocaine & Ecstasy

The psychology of a substance abuser is a vast labyrinth of warped rationalizations and denial. As such, it’s important for individuals to be educated on the effects and unique risks associated with each substance in order to deter the development of addictions and prepare individuals for situations in which the information would be particularly useful, […]

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Most Commonly Abused Drugs By Teens

Drug use and abuse among teenagers in the United States have continued to be of high significance. Teenagers are more likely to use multiple substances in comparison to adult populations and because a teenagers’ body and brain are still in important stages of development, there can be major impacts to physical, psychological and neurological development. […]

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Step 9 of 12 Steps: It’s More Than Saying ‘I’m Sorry’

Although we’ve come a long way in our understanding of addiction, some of the most effective treatments and means of recovery have been used by individuals who have been suffering from alcohol and drug dependency for many decades. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques have proven highly effective in helping individuals correct irrational and harmful […]

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