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Public vs. Private Rehabs: Insurance & Therapies

The disease of addiction develops due to a complex interplay of factors pertaining to biology, environment, and behavior. As a result, an addict experiences a variety of effects from substance abuse disorders and addiction, ranging from the degradation of health to criminal behavior to the deterioration of important relationships. Addiction affects each addict differently but […]

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Learning to Take a Daily Inventory

A person doesn’t become an addict overnight. The disease of addiction results from a confluence of different factors, which can include biological or genetic predisposition to chemical dependency, growing up with an addiction in the family, having addicts and users for peers, living in a place where addiction is exceedingly common, being curious about recreational […]

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Switching Addictions in Recovery

For those who are in recovery from drug & alcohol addiction, the very act of overcoming their addiction is a watershed moment in their life. The physical and emotional struggle involved with detoxification and treatment as well as the act of maintaining sobriety in daily life is empowering. However, as is often heard around the […]

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