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Diazepam (Valium) & Alcohol

Anxiety can be an oppressive force in your life. It’s more than experiencing a little nausea before public speaking or nervousness before a test. Anxiety can manifest because of triggers or for no discernible reason at all. Imagine feeling fear or anxiety as if there were a snake in your room but, even when the […]

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Widely Used Therapies in Addiction Treatment

Widely Used Therapies In Addiction Treatment When people in active addiction decide to begin the treatment process, they will typically begin by selecting the most appropriate addiction treatment program. Since addiction affects individuals in a wide variety of ways, the selection of recovery programming is a very personal process that requires each addict to choose […]

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The Twelfth Step: Carrying the Message

The twelfth step: carrying the message When many of us think of recovery from addiction, we often picture sterile, clinical rehabs where one must live for the duration of treatment, which lasts 28 days, right? While addiction treatment centers are widely considered the premiere and most effective form of recovery treatment today, there are actually […]

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50 Tips For Getting and Staying Sober

It doesn’t matter how long you have clean and sober; there are times that you wish that sobriety came with an instruction manual. Yes, the twelve steps and traditions–along with the life and coping skills you learned in treatment–can be considered as a how-to guide of sorts. However, there are those moments where life tosses you the proverbial […]

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The Newcomer’s Guide: How to Choosing a Sponsor in Early Recovery

The process of developing an addiction differs for everyone because a variety of contributing factors underscore the disease. For some individuals, becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs is the result of social consequences due to one’s peers primarily being substance abusers. Others become addicted as a result of indulging in their curiosities. There are also […]

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