What is Bremelanotide: Treatment For Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction is more common than one might think. It actually affects about 43% of women in the United States. Although sexual dysfunction can be difficult to deal with, it is easily treatable with medication. Bremelanotide is a medication used to combat the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in females. The drug is fairly new; it’s not even on the market yet.

However, research and studies prove the drug to be successful in treating the symptoms of sexual dysfunction with little to no side effects.

PT – 141

Bremelanotide ( PT – 141), began development in 2004 and is still undergoing trials. Bremelanotide is a peptide melanocortin receptor antagonist which is under current development by Palatin Technologies as the treatment for sexual dysfunction. It is made from the peptide Melanotan II, which underwent testing as a sunless tanning agent. In initial testing, it was ineffective as a tanning agent, however, it unexpectedly produced sexual arousal.

Although the drug has gained a significant amount of attention from trials and potential users, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put a halt on the drug’s testing and production. It isn’t supposed to become available for public consumption until 2018.

How is the drug used?

Initially, bremelanotide was made into a spray for intranasal use. Unfortunately, when people started using the drug intranasally, they noticed an increase in blood pressure. This led to the FDA’s decision to put a hold on all research on the drug. It also steered its creators away from how the drug should be used. Since the drug directly impacts the central nervous system, developers decided to create an injectable form of the drug. So far, researchers have been using the injectable form of Bremelanotide to conduct studies.

Injectable forms of the drug prove the same effectiveness with less severe changes in blood pressure as well as other negative side effects.

What does bremelanotide do?

Bremelanotide can be used in males; however, the highest success rate of its use has been found in females. Considering the female and male reproductive systems are different, lesser side effects arise in females, making this one of the few sexual enhancers specifically for women.

So what exactly does this drug do? In females suffering from sexual dysfunction, specifically premenopausal, Bremelanotide is effective in helping women achieve the drive they need to partake in sexual interactions.

Pros of taking the drug, for both men and women, include:

  • Erections
  • Increased libido
  • Intense feelings of satisfaction, contentment, and closeness to partner
  • A constant state of arousal with minimal stimulation
  • Boost of sexual confidence

Every drug, especially newer ones, come with a list of negative side effects. Cons of Bremelanotide use can be:

  • Immediate flushing after injection
  • Erections that do not go away
  • Social consequences
  • Abuse in people that use stimulants
  • Medical complications such as high blood pressure
  • Increase in sexual crimes

How is this different from other sexual enhancers?

People suffering from sexual dysfunction find it difficult to enjoy or are physically unable to partake in sexual encounters.

Despite the similarities in the effects of Bremelanotide and drugs such as Viagra, there are quite a few differences. First, drugs such as Viagra increase blood flow throughout the body, specifically to the genitals. Bremelanotide, however, directly affects libido in the brain. How? Its chemical compound binds to naturally occurring chemicals in the brain.

With the drug targeting the central nervous system and receptors in the brain, this drug can be extremely successful after its launch.

Risk for abuse

Since Bremelanotide is fairly new to the market, there is very little information on if the drug is a candidate for abuse or not. However, concerns about abusing Viagra rose when people began to take the drug regularly. The same concerns arise for Bremelanotide. If the drug produces desired effects in the individual, they may be more prone to use the drug more often.

Although the drug may not be “addictive,” for a person with an addictive personality, it can lead to overconsumption of the drug. If an individual who produces addictive qualities believes a foreign substance enhances their abilities to perform, especially sexually, they will continue to use the drug. They may not become physically addicted to it, but they can become mentally addicted to using the drug and the process that comes along with its injection of it.

Why is it targeted more toward women?

Although both men and women can use Bremelanotide, it is specifically geared toward women due to the large number of benefits women have seen while using the drug with little to no side effects.

Women experience fewer symptoms of nausea and vomiting while using the drug. Also, the female response to the drug was significantly higher than the response in men. There are also fewer drugs on the market for females suffering from sexual dysfunction, so Bremelanotide and its positive effects on women can work wonders on those suffering from sexual dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can occur at any stage in a female’s life. It can occur from a number of issues ranging from pre-menopause to side effects of drug abuse to even depression or anxiety. Female sexual dysfunction is a multifactorial condition that has anatomical, physical, medical, psychological, and social components. Women suffering from sexual dysfunction may have sexual desire, but an inability to become aroused.

Some symptoms of female sexual dysfunction are:

  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Decreased arousal
  • Inability to orgasm
  • Discomfort or pain during sex

Is bremelanotide right for you?

It’s hard to say if Bremelanotide is safe for consumption due to it still being in a trial phase and the FDA’s hold on its production of it. However, studies thus far suggest that it is highly beneficial, especially for women, in combatting the symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Until Bremelanotide hits the market, it is hard to determine if the drug is truly addictive or produces any other negative side effects.

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