Benzodiazepine Treatment in Jupiter

Benzodiazepines are a class of prescription central nervous system depressants that are used to treat several issues like anxiety, sleep disorders, and muscle spasms. However, they can quickly lead to dependence and substance use disorders if they are used for too long, misused, or abused. Benzodiazepine addiction can lead to serious consequences in your life, including health issues, dangerous overdose, and potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms. However, if you’re struggling with a substance use disorder in Jupiter, there are some benzodiazepine treatment options in your area. Learn more about benzodiazepine treatment options in Jupiter, Florida.

Benzodiazepine Addiction in Jupiter

Benzodiazepines can lead to dependence and addiction if they’re used for too long. However, they aren’t known to cause fatal accidental overdose on their own. But when they’re mixed with other substances, they can be deadly. In the first six months of 2020, medical examiners found 2,182 deaths that involved benzodiazepines in Florida. Alprazolam, which is sold under the name Xanax, was the most common. It was found to be involved in 833 deaths in the same time period. Near Jupiter in West Palm Beach, alprazolam was found in 115 deaths in the first half of 2020. Medical examiners believe it was the cause of death in 46 of those cases. All but four of the cases in West Palm involved other drugs at the same time. Alcohol and opioids can be deadly when mixed with benzodiazepines. 

Palm Beach Institute Drug Rehab in Jupiter

Addiction treatment services usually follow the continuum of care that’s outlined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Depending on your needs, you may start in a high level of care and move to lower levels of care as your needs progress. If you have a substance use disorder that involves a chemical dependence on benzodiazepines, you may need to start with higher levels of care, or at least a safe tapering schedule. If you’re looking for benzodiazepine treatment in and around Jupiter, here are some of the treatment options you may receive at The Palm Beach Institute:


Medical detox is a high level of care in addiction treatment with 24-hour medically managed inpatient services every day. Detox is often used to treat people that are likely to go through severe or dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Benzodiazepines are capable of causing potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms like seizures and changes in heart rate and blood pressure. Many people that have a substance use disorder that’s related to central nervous system depressant start with a tapering process or medical detox. In detox, you may be treated with medications to help you get through uncomfortable symptoms. You may also start to address the underlying issues that may come with addiction through various therapy options.


Inpatient and residential treatment services represent the second-highest level of care in addiction treatment. Inpatient treatment involves 24-hour medical monitoring, which may be important for people that have just gone through detox for a central nervous system depressant like a benzodiazepine. Other medical needs may require extra monitoring, even if your condition is stable. In inpatient treatment, you will go through psychotherapies and behavioral therapies to help address substance use problems and any other issues like mental health disorders. In residential treatment, you will continue to have access to treatment services 24 hours each day, but you may be in a less intensive setting similar to an apartment or dorm. 

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization (PHP) involves 20 or more hours of treatment services each week. It’s the highest level of care in which you are allowed to live at home and have independent time outside of treatment. It’s reserved for people that need a lot of clinical support in their recovery, but they have a low risk of relapse, medical issues, or social problems that may threaten their health or recovery. Through PHP, you will continue to go through therapies and treatments according to your needs and it may involve group therapy, regular individual therapy sessions, and other therapy options. 

Intensive Outpatient

As you progress in treatment, you may progress to the next level of care. Intensive outpatient treatment involves nine or more hours of treatment services each week. In this level of care, you will continue to go through your treatment plan, including a variety of therapies you may need. You will also have more time outside of treatment to pursue positive life goals. As you encounter challenges in your day-to-day life, you will still have clinical support in treatment to work through them.


Recovery doesn’t end with your last day in treatment. Lasting sobriety involves a life-long commitment to addiction recovery. Aftercare involves extra treatment services after you’ve completed formal addiction treatment. This may include regular check-ins to see where you are in your recovery post-treatment, connections to community resources like 12-step programs, and help with finding important things like jobs and housing. 

Benzodiazepine Rehab in Jupiter FAQ

There are several considerations that you may have when you’re seeking benzodiazepine addiction treatment in Jupiter. The cost of treatment and transportation issues are common barriers to treatment. Learn more about these frequently asked questions, and feel free to call at any time if you have more you’d like to know. 

How Long is Rehab?

Addiction is a complex disease that takes time to treat effectively. When you enter a treatment program, you and your therapist will create a personalized treatment plan. Every person is different and requires different needs in treatment. For that reason, the length of time you spend in treatment may be unique to you. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that there is an ideal minimum amount of time. Research shows that treatment that’s shorter than 90 days may be limited in its effectiveness. Three months of treatment may be spread out across multiple levels of care. There are no maximum amounts of time you can spend in each level or in treatment overall, but detox tends to last five to ten days, inpatient treatment lasts for a few weeks, and outpatient treatment can last several weeks to months.

Do I Have to Travel?

In an inpatient program, you will need to be away from home for a certain period of time. Even in outpatient treatment, you will need to attend treatment during the day. Whether you live down the street from your treatment center or across the country, you may need to attend in-person treatment to address substance use problems. I’ve you come from out of town and you want to attend addiction treatment at The Palm Beach Institute, you will have to travel. Despite the inconveniences of traveling for treatment, there are some positives. For many people, getting out of a life of active addiction feels like a fresh start and a positive step towards recovery. However, you may not need to travel if you’re unable. There may be treatment options in your hometown.

Does The Palm Beach Institute Provide Transportation?

Transportation may be a challenge for some clients and The Palm Beach Institute can help with some aspects of travel and transportation. If you’re flying in from out of town, you will need to take care of your own flight. However, when you arrive, we can pick you up to help you get to the treatment facility. We can also help people in inpatient treatment get to and from any outside appointments they need with doctors or therapists. In detox and inpatient treatment, you may not have to go to any outside appointments, but if you need them, we can help with transportation.  

How Much Does Drug Rehab Cost?

Like many other aspects of addiction treatment, the cost of treatment will depend on your needs and your specific treatment plan. Since there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan, treatment costs may vary from person to person. Like other forms of healthcare, treatment can be costly, and it may cost anywhere from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. Inpatient treatment options tend to be more expensive than outpatient treatment, but they may be necessary for people with high-level needs. Other costs that factor into the final price of treatment include the type of treatment you go through, the levels of care you got through, the specific therapies you need, and the medications you are prescribed.

What Insurance Carriers Does The Palm Beach Institute Take?

Though treatment can be expensive, insurance can really help offset some of the costs. The Palm Beach Institute accepts most forms of insurance coverage that comes from private providers, though we currently don’t accept coverage from federally funded options like Medicare or Medicaid. Insurance companies are required to provide coverage for things like behavioral health, mental health, and addiction treatment. Insurance covers psychotherapy, counseling, and inpatient services. We are also in-network with several treatment providers, including large companies like Cigna and Aetna. To learn more about your eligibility, call at any time.  

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