Alcohol use in American culture is widespread, and in many social circles, consuming the drug is applauded. The statistics that highlight alcohol consumption show that you’ve likely experimented at some point, whether it was in high school or college. Even if you don’t abuse the substance regularly, most of us have dealt with a hangover at some time in our lives. With that said, were you aware alcohol is considered one of the deadliest substances on earth?

An article released by the Washington Post indicates that alcohol usage is harming adults at a rate we have not seen in three decades. Although you might not be the kind of person who spirals out of control from one drink, the drug can still kill you. If you binge drink or get behind the wheel, you may be setting yourself up for failure.

Even if you don’t binge drink or get behind the wheel, you could be predisposed to develop alcohol use disorder (AUD), which is a condition affecting millions of Americans every year across the country. Despite it being socially accepted, alcohol can cause someone to fall onto a dark path that affects their entire lives. Many residents are seeking alcohol rehab in Royal Palm Gardens to treat its deadly effects.

Those who consume excessive amounts of alcohol must consider alcohol rehab. The drug causes severe withdrawal symptoms that may be as deadly as drinking. If you’ve reached a point in your life where you’re ready to stop, you must get the help you need to fight addiction.

Alcohol Statistics in Royal Palm Beach

alcohol-rehab-therapy-group-in-royal-palm-beachDespite many living in favorable socioeconomic conditions in Palm Beach County, alcohol use throughout the region remains high. Despite the awareness released about the dangers of drinking, youth continue to experiment with alcohol at unprecedented levels.

The Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey took anonymous interviews of the youth and their alcohol consumption habits in 2017. The statistics they released were shocking – an estimated 37.5 percent of respondents admitted to drinking at one point in their lives, while 16.5 percent revealed they had binge drank in the past 30 days.

Addiction to alcohol is devastating and causes significant problems in the United States and abroad. In the U.S., alcohol contributes to 88,000 deaths and is the third nonmedical cause of death. It also causes issues, such as:

  • Fatal car accidents stemming from DUIs
  • Sexually transmitted disease, which stems from lowered inhibitions
  • Sexual violence
  • Physical violence
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in women who engage in drinking while pregnant

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab

Admitting you have a problem with alcohol or other drugs is not easy, but it may be the step that changes your life for the better. While it may be hard to accept you’ve slipped and developed a condition you only see on TV or read online, you must get on the right track as soon as possible. Alcohol rehab in Royal Palm Beach may be the answer you’re seeking, and placing yourself in the comfort of alcohol rehab will help you remain committed to sobriety.

Other benefits of alcohol rehab in Royal Palm Beach include:

A person who checks themselves into alcohol rehab will only experience positive results if they stay for a specific amount of time. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) discusses that a client must commit to 90 days in a recovery program to achieve results. Speak to your healthcare provider to determine what works best for you.

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