If you’re reading this article, statistics show that you’ve probably tried alcohol at some point in your life. While you may not abuse the substance regularly, you’ve probably experienced a hangover at one point or another, but were you aware that alcohol is one of the most deadly drugs on the face of the earth?

You may be the type of person who can drink on special occasions and not spiral out of control, but in 2015, data released by the federal government highlighted that many people could not engage in drinking without it becoming an issue. Alcohol addiction was killing adults at a rate not seen in nearly three decades.

Although drinking alcohol doesn’t mean you’ll automatically develop an alcohol use disorder (AUD), a condition that affects 16 million Americans each year, it could be the start for someone who is genetically prone to addiction. Alcohol is a socially accepted elixir that has a dark secret, and for some, it’s challenging to determine when their use has spiraled beyond their control, which is why residents in Palm Beach Gardens should know alcohol rehab is available if they need it.

Someone who drinks should consider alcohol rehab because of the severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms present when you stop drinking. These withdrawal symptoms can be deadly, and if you’ve concluded you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol, considering rehab could not only save your life, but it can give you the confidence you need to conquer your affliction.

Alcohol Statistics in Palm Beach Gardens

Alcohol consumption throughout Palm Beach County is prevalent despite the many activities available to residents in the area. Unfortunately, this trend is leaking down to the youth, who have been experimenting with the drug at a high-level.

Stressed man in the background of a bottle and glass of liquor on a tableA Florida Youth Substance Abuse Survey released in 2017 provided insight into the alcohol consumption of youth in Florida.

It showed that 37.5 percent reported use at some point in their lives, while another 16.5 percent admitted to drinking in the past 30 days.

Alcohol addiction causes devastating effects in the United States and contributes to an estimated 88,000 deaths each year.

It is the third leading preventable cause of death, and causes other health problems that include:

  • Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in women that drink while pregnant
  • Physical violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Alcohol poisoning
  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Deadly car accidents or DUIs as a result of drinking and driving

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab

For some people with an alcohol problem that has become dire, admitting they have a problem is the first and most difficult step. It may be hard to accept, but the faster you realize alcohol is destroying your life, you can start to plan for alcohol rehab. The professional advice offered in this setting will ensure you remain committed to your sobriety in the long-term.

Alcohol rehab offers:

  • Will help improve the individual’s self-care on a physical, mental, and emotional level.
  • It will teach the client that alcohol affects the people around them.
  • Provides in-depth therapy and counseling to examine behaviors, motivations, and thoughts that help understand the reasoning of their addiction.
  • Provide assistance to rebuild strained relationships caused by alcohol addiction.

Alcohol rehab can only be successful if the client remains for a predetermined amount of time, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). A client must commit to at least 90 days in a recovery program to achieve the desired outcome. Upon entry, clinicians will assess the client’s current state to determine the level of care for their current needs.

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